Discover the versatility of
Smooth Contracts.

Our Goal ... 

The goal of the application is to compose legal documents dynamically with Blocks (clauses) of text and Fields (variables) that get set by a user via a front-end question-and-answer interface.
The Blocks of text can be set in sequence via the Contract Template builder. The document itself is generated as a Contract Job, where the answers can be given to the questions.
The generated draft of the contract can be edited in the system, and can be exported in pdf format. A versioning of the generated drafts is kept in the system, for auditing purposes.

Our features are ... 

Drag and drop Visual builder

It's an user friendly UI with a rich text editor. We call it our visual Contract Builder (current version 1, version 2 under development)
With variable number of parties and automatic signature clauses.
For example, you can add a signature clause for every party in the contract with just dragging the signature block on the end of your template. 


Our roadmap.

What we are working on next.... .


Unified interface
Digital signatures
Login with it's me app
Action based triggers - (smart contracts)